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The Importance of Photos in Social Media

Photographs can be a powerful tool to communicate your emotions and ideals but of course this is only possible if you have the right pictures with you.

As of today, people don’t really pay much attention to details not unless it caught their attention. This is the main reason why images is significant nowadays especially on social media.

Most of the time people are able to process images faster since a huge part of the human brain is focused on processing visuals. What makes images an ideal way to convey one’s emotions and ideas is the prevailing fact that the human brain can recognize familiar things in a span of 100 milliseconds.

Images Grabs The Attention of Your Target Audience

There is so much going on in social media and so the use of images is a perfect way to catch the attention of people. Captivating pictures in social media posts is one of the primary reasons why people read further.

Once a person see a strange photo at an instance the brain process the images and trigger the person’s curiosity.

If you will just use any photos in your social media posts then more likely people will not be interested to read further hence the photos should be relevant to your target audience’s preferences. If by any chance your focus are bachelors, say those in college then posting pictures with families will not catch their attention. Rather than placing your own preference, you try to figure out what your prospect audience interests and maximize it.

Varied Photos – A Means of Holding One’s Attention

Don’t just use photos that is similar in one or another for this will surely bore your readers or followers. There is no such thing as perfect but nevertheless you can choose pictures that will not bore your readers to death perhaps you can mix stock images, banners made with the Tumblr banner make, memes and more.

If you keep on posting the same type of photos people will start thinking that your posts are old fashioned. This way you can be assured that your readers will not lose their interest because of redundancy in photos and boredom.

As much as possible don’t use selfies. Keep in mind that you are using social media because you want people to be interested with your posts hence if you post something about yourself most of your readers will think, what’s in it for them?

Images Help in Conveying Message to Your Audience

There are studies conducted showing that there is a minimal chance for people to remember what they hear after 72 hours. If you will use relevant images along with your posts, there is a 65% chance that they will remember it even if 3 days have already passed.

If you are able to use relevant image then more likely people will remember the brand that you are trying to endorse and you must keep in mind that the competition is tight so you better step up the game through relevant images.