Web Design Challenges Everyone Should Try

Whether you are taking care of a business site or managing websites for clients like FDA Consultants Toronto, it is easy to get caught up in your routine. It is crucial to take a step away from your daily work in order to keep your design skills fresh.

Working on design projects outside your primary role is an incredible way to stay fresh, inspired, and add new ideas and skills to your primary roles. Here are some of the projects you should try:

  1. Designing a Postcard

If you want to learn control, designing something meant for a product that’s printed will teach you that. As a web designer, you can be able to expand a canvas as required to get all the info in design. However, you can’t do the same with a printed product.

There is something impressive about designing with constraints of space, whether it’s a business card, brochure or postcard. The best feeling is when you get to touch the product on paper. Designing a postcard will help you gain an understanding of diverse canvases and the association between digital publishing and print.

  1. Use Code to Build Something

If you start projects in Sketch or Photoshop with a visual outline, you should consider coding a design outlet. Begin with a simple one-page design then work towards refining your CSS and HTML skills in the process. If you are a web developer or designer that begins with code, consider using a more visual framework first to tackle the project.

By approaching projects in a new manner, you will gain a better understanding of the essential elements that go into the design. You will also learn to appreciate other team members who help contribute to a project in various ways.

  1. Designing an App

Compared to creating a responsive website, create a mobile responsive app is a lot different because you have to plan differently. Even though some of the techniques might be the same, some new opportunities and challenges come with designing something that can only be accessed on a mobile device.

When designing an app, you have to focus on the user experience, and therefore the thought process tends to be different from that of a standard site since users interact with the design in very different ways. With app design, everything from gamification techniques to forms to location information is different; it’s not just the touch versus click aspect.

Then again if you would want to launch the app, you will need to navigate the Google Play and Apple specifications and rules.

  1. Working With JavaScript

For the uninitiated, JavaScript can be a weird and strange programming language. However, there is a high possibility that JavaScript will be involved if you are using today’s web landscape in designing. In which case you have to begin with a primer from Code Academy.

If your familiarity with JavaScript only goes as far as know that a plugin uses it, then you can access a great primer on Mozilla on the programming language.