Party Planning – A How To

Throwing parties may sound fun and carefree in theory but once you get down to the brass tacks it can be downright stressful! Appropriate and effective planning is the best way to combat these unnecessary stresses and enjoy the party in a way you’ve always imagined possible. Having an idea of what you want your party to be like is helpful but fixated on your expectations is not, this will only cause undue stress when things don’t go exactly as planned. Keep your plans organized but flexible, that way when the inevitable “unexpected” happens you’ll be prepared. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to planning the perfect party!

Step one – keep things organized. Break up the phases of your party planning into concise categories. Like shopping, cleaning, scheduling, decorating, preparing, and inviting. These are great categories that apply to almost every party. If it helps to think of a theme, come up with a theme! If you don’t want to have to limit yourself, your food, your decorations, or your music then keep it theme-less. Many people find that having a theme allows them to focus on what they want for their party but other people find it restrictive! Just find what works best for you.

When in doubt, keep it simple! When preparing for your perfect party and you’re attempting to create the perfect menu, playlist, and decor, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. At the end of the day would you rather have people talk about your centerpieces or your conversation? Think about what you want to be the focal point of the party, focus on that, and keep everything else stress free, simple, in budget, and easy!

Cleaning beforehand is a must! Making sure that your home is comfortable, welcoming, and cozy starts with cleaning. This may not be the most exciting part of any party planning period but it is a necessary one. If you need to stock up on cleaning supplies, laundry items, candles, and even party supplies Walgreens is the place to go! They’ve got great deals on just about everything you could need for your upcoming bash.

Remember to keep it simple, keep it organized, and keep in mind what you want your guests to remember most about your party and it should be a total success!