Initial Setup of WordPress

Have you finished installing WordPress, then your website is accessible and visited by people. Although your website is still empty and there is only standard default view of WordPress, that is (usually) on your website there is My Blog as the title of the website and a Post titled Hello world! as in the following picture: For more information about wordpress setting just visit wordpress migration services

Views of your website may vary, depending on the version of WordPress or Theme used.

It’s like you have a kiosk in the Mall you’ll be living in and still empty, but at the kiosk there are already some posters and shelves of former tenants, and the installation of lights and power lines are still messy. Now it’s time for you to clean / dispose of the former relics of the previous kiosk tenant to be replaced in accordance with your wishes.

Similarly, when you finish installing WordPress then there are usually some things you need to clean (delete) and do, namely:

  • Delete Post defaults
  • Delete default Pages
  • Delete default Comments
  • Remove Unused Plugins
  • Set the General Settings section
  • Set the Reading Settings section
  • Set the Permalink Settings section

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Delete Post Default

By default there is usually a default Post from wordpress, you need to delete this Post because it does not match your website. Please select the Posts – All Posts menu to see a list of all existing Posts.

How to Remove Post One At One

To delete a Post, please hover your mouse cursor over an area near the Post heading you want to delete, then a few links will appear (Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View), click Trash to remove it.

How to Remove Post Bulk (Direct Many)

Or you can also delete multiple posts at once by using the Bulk Actions feature, please check the Post-Post you want to delete, then select Move to Trash on Bulk Actions, and click Apply.

How to Delete Post Permanently

The post you removed has not actually been deleted but is still stored in Trash. Like if you deleted a file on a laptop that uses Windows where the deleted files do not go permanently lost but go into the Recycle Bin.