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Tutorial on Hotmail Sign In For those who signed in Hotmail for the first time, they will notice that a sign in page is provided for them to register. At the left of the screen page, you will see the information section which are requirements for the potential user to know before signing up and on the right, textboxes, checkboxes, buttons, and links which are helpful for the user when logging in. An option is provided to users on whether they would prefer that the system keep them signed in or requiring the password and email address of user every time they check on their emails. Displayed on the sign-in screen is a field known as “Windows Live ID.” Then the next field shown is the password which is used in starting an account. Once these two fields are met, the users are given the option of allowing the system to take these into account. When you click on “remember me on this computer” box, the operating system will instantaneously create a “cookie” that will store your email address every time you sign in. Bear in mind that the system will keep on displaying your email address on screen if you use the same browser, as this will not work on a different browser. Before you get to see your mails, an option is provided for you to check or un-check the “remember my password” box, that is, if you want the system to remember your password. Once you check the box, Hotmail will immediately open you mails by leaving out the log in page. It is, therefore, important that you check the “remember my password” box, if you desire the system to automatically open your mails. When this is frequently done, the browser will also automatically adjust its setting so that the signing-in procedure also becomes automatic and immediately the mail page is open.
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You also have a choice of using the default security setting which is sufficient to allow for protection from hacking on your mails or illegal access on your mails. You may want to study and check on this security setting which will automatically provide safety nets on your communication mails. Then all you need to do is to click on the security setting link for it to work on automatically preventing any form of hacking to take place in your communication mails. By using the default setting, an encrypted page will be created which will eventually go to normal setting of receiving and sending mails, once the user signs in. The use of the default security setting will create an automatic change in color of the address bar which means that the extended validation certificate is in full use.
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Take note that Hotmail sign in procedure is user-friendly and definitely easy to follow and to access. With all the available options to choose, Hotmail sign in should be easy and accessible. And with security nets to protect your emails, you will find Hotmail as an enviable and practical mail browser page.