How to reduce your Google Ads Cost Per Clicks?

Cost per click can be understood as the price that is paid to Google upon the ads over the platform getting clicked. It is the price of one click on an ad. This is the very fundamental aspect that one needs to understand about the Google AdWords campaign. The Google cost per click often varies from keywords to keywords, and for different campaigns. It is thus essential to understand well about the bidding strategies of Google Adwords for making the most of cost per click campaign.

However, the rates are often decided by the level of competition involved in the bidding of a keyword. Just like with any other businesses, an Adwords campaigner would also love to keep the expenses of CPC at the minimal possible side. Discussed below are few handy tips on how to keep the expenses of Google CPC ads at the minimal possible side.           

Look for the alternate keywords

There is no shortcut to business success. One should not take any business strategy as magic. Similar is the case about Google AdWords campaign as well. In general, it is required that one should consistently spend on it for expecting the greater outcome. Hence, it is essential first to assess the budget availability on a longer run. If required, one should refrain from trying with the costly keywords. Trying alternative keywords and optimizing the site well can also deliver a similar level of return.      

Make the most of negative keywords

One of the smartest ways of keeping the cost per click at the minimal side can be to make the most of negative keywords. The best part about the negative keywords is that these safeguard the ads from getting affected by the unwanted search queries; those hold the possibilities of minimizing the click-through rate. If the click-through rate is affected or kept lower, the quality score also gets affected, and thus increases the cost per click.   

Make use of long tail keywords

Adword campaigners often have to compete hard for the best keyword. After all, it’s the keyword that plays the game-changing role. It is seen in most cases that except the extremely expensive keywords, most of the other keywords are the already used ones. The best strategy to overcome such scenarios is indeed to go with the long tail keywords. This claimed such because the long tail keywords are comparatively cheaper.

On the other hand, their quality score is incredibly good. Google prepares its ad ranking based on the quality score of the keywords. Naturally thus, upon optimizing the campaign for the long tail keyword, it is possible to enjoy greater profit at a minimal cost per clicks.  

Optimize the landing pages

Landing pages are crucial as this is the place where lead generated first visits to. It would be a smarter idea to have a different landing page for different geographic. It would be even better to customize the landing pages as per the language. One must have it in mind that Google keywords always consider landing page while preparing its page ranking algorithm.