How Simple Lanyards Can Improve Security

Business security is a constant challenge regardless of the type or size of the company. It can be difficult to distinguish between departments, employees, security personnel, visitors, and administrators. That is a problem in case of an emergency, a threat, or an incident. Security guards cannot be effective if they cannot tell who should be in the building, in a particular section, or on the property. Badges and identification cards are helpful, but not if they are kept in a pocket or purse after someone has entered the space. Keeping badges visible at all times will let security know at a glance who can be where. No badge at all can indicate an intruder or someone who failed to stop at the front desk.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure badges are clearly visible at all times is to provide lanyards. There are a variety of ways to increase security with the simple lanyard. Customized printing of the business name or logo can quickly identify employees. Different colors can be used to correspond with positions, departments, or floors. Yellow, for example, can be issued to janitorial staff. Green can be worn by supervisors, blue for entry level workers, and red for security personnel.If one floor of the business is dedicated to research and development, purple lanyards will make employee stand out and alert people to the presence of anyone who should not be in that area. It can be an important step toward keeping new designs or ideas out of the hands of the competition.

Business owners, plant managers, and security supervisors can Click here to explore which options will accommodate specific needs. Lanyards are available in many styles, materials, and lengths so the possibilities are extensive. There are also safety lanyards that can roll-up automatically when the badge or keys are not in use. Break-away lanyards will detach under pressure to prevent injury should they get caught in machines or fire doors. Clasps and badge holders are offered to suit the size or type of the badge preferred. A completely clear holder, for example, is available for badges that are printed on both sides. Improving security, increasing safety precautions, and reducing the costs of replacing lost identification badges is easy and inexpensive.