Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What You Need to Know

You will need to go in and optimise your legacy campaigns to take advantage of the new mobile, location and time features available. To help you make the most of the campaigns, we’ve enlisted the help of digital marketing agency Bravr, who have put together a checklist of key areas you should consider, along with new best practices for Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

  1. Understand your user context
    You probably already know that search engine marketing is very powerful as it helps you to be found by people who are searching for the keywords relevant to your business. However, depending ontimelocationand device two completely different users may be searching for two completely different things even with the same keyword. For example, if Person A is at home at lunchtime and searches for ‘Pizza’, it means he is looking for a restaurant that delivers, with special lunchtime deals. However, Person B might be in town in the evening, feeling peckish so searches on her mobile to find a nearby restaurant with good reviews to dine in with friends. Think about the various scenarios in which your potential customer will search for your services and you can optimise your campaigns accordingly.
  2. Make your ad copy relevant and bid more intelligently for clicks
    Now that you understand your user context you can go ahead and create ads that are relevant to them. e.g. the ad for Person B should feature a click-to-call button and directions to the restaurant, whereby Person B might respond better to lunchtime offer text or price deals in the ad.
    You can also use this information to set up your bids and only pay for those that are more likely to convert into customers. For Person B, you might like to optimise your bids for evenings and weekends, and only traffic near to your locations. For Person A, you might like to target locations within your delivery area, and only at lunchtime.
  3. Set up your bid adjustments and click budget accordingly
    Once you have decided how you would like to segment your bids, you will need to set the bid adjustments to your click budget accordingly. Go to your Settings tab in AdWords and look for the LocationSchedule and Devices tabs. The bid adjustments are percentages of your original keyword bid, based on whether you want to gain more clicks for mobile, local or time-based customers. For Person B above you will need to increase your bid adjuster for searches within a 1 or 2 mile radius of your restaurant, say by +50%. Those who are more of a distance away might not convert as well so you want to pay less for these clicks. You would also want to bid more on evening traffic and those that are searching on a mobile. You can adjust for all parameters but be aware of stacking bids. A £5 bid could easily turn into £15 or more if you adjust all by +50%! Adjust your daily budget also to cope with the extra traffic otherwise you may lose out on clicks.
  4. Use context-aware ads for mobile devices
    You can now display different ads depending on which device the search originated from. For example, within your Ad settings you can check the box to display a mobile ad, and view a preview before submitting. This will then be shown to the mobile user, and include a click-to-call button. Note that in Enhanced Campaigns however, tablet traffic is considered to be desktop traffic as Google presumes most tablets nowadays are replacements for a computer at home.