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What is an Oil and Gas Landman?

What is an oil and gas landman?

The in-house landman and the field landman are the two basic categories of a landman. The first type, the in-house landman, is a person who had finished a four year degree course in Petroleum land management or Energy management which is a general requirement for the job. These landmen usually are paid employees working for an oil company within the company’s land development. One the other hand, a Field Landman is a person who works with the in-house Landman and their job does not require a four year degree like the in-house Landman. The field land man is independent of the oil company but either works for himself as an independent contractor or works for a land company that are hired by oil companies.

Why should you choose a Petroleum landman school?
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The demand for quality trained Landmen is growing, and therefore there is a need to take advantage of this opportunity today by learning them from leading personalities who have gained tremendous experience in the industry. You can learn from beginners class to advanced courses where they will teach you basic principles about mineral rights and leasing and enable you to utilize the courthouse. A chain of title workshops will follow to further your training from what you have been taught in the classroom. And you will be taught how to protect your career during down turns by teach you why this is critical for beginners and why you need to have due diligence.
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In addition, right-of-way and alternative energy is also made available in order to transform that skill from mineral to surface application and to also broaden your skills to stay up with energy demands.

Your chances of being hired by oil companies who desperately need people who are talented and resourceful will be greatly increased because your learning is not only dependent on classroom textbooks but is enhanced by a chain of title workshops that are handled by experienced mentors to give you good knowledge and comprehension of the subject at hand.

Even seasoned landmen will find learning invaluable so that their experience is enhanced as they undergo helpful and informative, highly recommended courses and this is the kind of worker that oil companies are looking for. It is possible then to stand out above others in your organization and secure your place in the industry.

Remember, lack of knowledge and comprehension comes at a steep price, but it does not have to be expensive to gain both of them from a quality educator and its method of coaching.

The one most important contribution that a school can provide for its students is to bridge the gap of understanding between the relationship and needs of in-house landmen and field landmen, and you will never find anyone who can do something that these landmen cannot do.